Which bagon to evolve


I have a 76 cp800 and a 98 iv cp 599
Bagon is super rare for me and i dont have candy for salemence yet.
Wich to evolve?


I’d evolve the 98%er but pump some rare candy in to it if you don’t have enough yet.
Feed them & the Salamance family in gyms when you have the chance & I guess you probably already have it as your buddy.
Unless you plan on not doing too much with them I’d always invest in / evolve the high IV mon over high CP if you don’t have candy.


Go for the 98 IV. If it had been a 20cp then I can see the issue, but that’s not that small of a Bagon and 98 IV is so good.


The 98 IV. Maybe you ever hatch a Bagon or you get some rare candies.


98% all the way.
Set it as your buddy and use some rares if you have to and want your Dragon quicker.
Handy alternative to Dragonite or Rayquaza so may as well have a good one.


The 98% one.


Doing both of it


98 iv one


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