Where'd my streets go?


Thanks to the new update every day my game glitches and I lose my map, no streets but still have pokestops and gyms. Advanced settings no good,
the only thing that works is to uninstall and reinstall. This happens with both my account and my wife’s account. Anybody else having this problem?


A lot of people do. I managed to luck out for once - for me the roads haven’t disappeared yet.


I’ve found it’s ok on iOS but accts on Fandriod have no streets.
It’s off putting but I’m not uninstalling and reinstalling App as the issue just returns and the bigger pain is resetting battle teams for Raids and Rockets/PvP.
I just wait it out for next update to fix that bug and complain about the bug that takes its place.


Yep. My Galaxy S9 lost its map. Even after I cleared data, as Niantic’s known-problems page said to try. Seems strange that my S7 doesn’t have the same problem.


Same problem here with my Sony. I’ll wait patiently for an update, not that i’m going anywhere these days :slight_smile:


@ARW1951 What is your current version?

The issue in present up to version .1.

I just downloaded .2 and it fixed. For at least.


@vorgriff3 the trigger is very specific. I think I figured out how. Ik had 3 days in a row my map getting empty standing in a specific place. That place is know for irradic gps drift… so I guess drift at startup triggers this.


APK Mirror link to version 0.185.2-G, the mapfixer

Samsung’s version should be in the store by now, if not here it is.
APK Mirror link to version 0.185.2-S, the mapfixer

@Danzki84 :point_up_2:


Thanks. Do I just enter the URL for the Samsung link into the Chrome on my phones?

Ironically, it is my S7 (whose GPS is frequently drifting and getting lost, especially at game startup), that always HAS the map once the initial GPS contact has been made. After that, GPS lossage doesn’t affect the map. Both phones experience enough drift for me to get the 5 km bonus every week without having to leave my desk, though…