Where to use rare candy on


I have 73 rare candy

I already have 13 Bagon candy


I should do Shelgon


me too


Do you have Salamence?


no, only just got bagon last night. The IVS are better


of his shellgon, not my bagon


I totally agree with @Gengar1 and @Kevin_v_Hoften.

I even did that if the Shelgon was also 84% IV. Just for the Candies.


But it wont be strong as Mewtwo and maybe will come in CD or event


I use it on whatever my current buddy is that I’m trying to evolve. I don’t like letting it take up bag space.


I’d go with Mewtwo, as it’s more useful of the two. Even if you evolve the Shelgon, you are probably going to need to burn some TMs to get a useful moveset. The only exeption would be if you don’t have any good dragon type attackers already. But if you have decent Dragonites/Rayqazas/Latioses, Salamence doesn’t do much and you’d need even more candy to level it up to decent CP anyway.

Then again, I play mostly for effect and only play the collection aspect when it doesn’t interfere with optimizing my raiding/gym taking, so if completing your collection is more important to you, then going for the Salamence might be the right way to go for you.


If you already have a good dragonite, go for the mewtwo.


Yes, but just to save some candies. And btw it’s better to have new Pokémons I guess.


This is the best advice.


Power/evolve your shelgon. Try to get another pair of ex raid and then choose what mewtwo you want to power


I think i will never get a Mewtwo again
I got this one from that free pass giveaway bug
And BTW i aready caught 3 wild Bagon so the chance i will find another one is big


Or use them on this one?


I would only use my rare candy on legends. The thing is, surely tyranitar is a good investment BUT I wouldn’t be surprised if they would do a rock type event in the near future and larvitar would be everywhere.
Those rare candies you used would become useless then.


Last Adventure Week featured Rock type Pokemon, but Larvitar wasn’t everywhere.


I wouldn’t use them on tyranitar. As I suspect a larvitar CD is coming.


Unless it is taking your bag up I would wait until next community event day is announced and then if not larvitar consider tyranitar. Also did you say you could not solo machamp like me. I can now I got a mewto. What move set yours have however