Where have you played Pokemon Go?


Ive played in Detroit, Toronto, California, Washington DC, Chicago, Lansing Michigan, South Haven Michigan, and on the Virginia Beach boardwalk


I’ve played all over California, Hawaii (Maui), Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Texas, England, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Austria. And next month I’ll be adding North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia to the list.


West Virginia, Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Jamaica.


Only in Australia and only in my home State of South Australia.


All over California , Nashville Tennessee, south Florida, Missouri


All of Texas and Oklahoma


France, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Vietnam.


I have played the game in 5 countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany & Italy.


Off topic but when we going to battle


In the Netherlands, On the train route from Disneyland Paris to Paris, in Disneyland Paris, walt Disney world, Newark AirPort, Universal Studio’s Orlando, Kleve (germany).


Pretty much only in Denver, New Orleans, and a small town in Kansas called Norton. XD


I played in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia,


Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York


All over São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais here. Surprisingly enough, Rio de Janeiro is NOT fun place to play. Planning a trip to Chile for december holidays!


Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, Nevada, California


Where in Pennsylvania did you play?


Hershey Park


I’ve played there also