Where have you found Unown in Pokémon Go?


If you have any tips on finding and catching Unown in Pokémon Go, or any questions, drop them in the comments below!

Images and compilation via Reddit, Twitter, Reddit. Some images have been modified or composited because catching Unown is kinda hard, folks.


Mostly, Unowns are everywhere in regional events (SAFARI ZONE/SZ, Go Fest). You should take a look when a regional event is near you.


In he wild I found one randomly in a residential neighborhood, one st a business district another in s Park.

As @Jormdeworm stated, Niantic Special events are the only place people can gr them in large quantities.


I’ve never encountered an Unown.


You live in England right?


Me too pal


Same here.


There is actually many events in California, but can’t go to any as I can not drive.


There is a unown event 2 hours from me


Haven´t see one yet on radar. But, there´s something weired since i have been walking around a pokestop for nearly 30 minutes, since the radar was telling there was a Drowzee there, going away, game refreshs, still the silhouette on the pokestop, no pókemon. May be it´s some Uknown hidding it. :smiley:


Except for events (which also includes stuff like Comic Con spawns) it’s almost impossible to get Unowns if you don’t live anywhere near the PoGo hotspots, where they spawn at least from time to time… (And without maps it got even harder to track them down…)
Yes, I got an Unown F delivered right to my backyard last year (some day in April), before any of those events had taken place, even before the first Safari Zone. I have no idea why of all things it spawned right there and not on the other side of town… But there it was! I had never before been so nervous to catch a Pokémon…

I guess, that was all the luck of my life accumulted and I’ll never win the lottery or anything because of that :laughing::wink:


No events in florida…sadly.



@KingQ07 @bobbyjack8 lives in West virginia…


Oh lol my memory xD


I somehow remember locations but never anything useful😂


I don’t know of any event in the Netherlands. So getting the 28 unown forms wil take multiple years. For me at least.


There has been a SZ (Safari Zone) in the Netherlands which boosted some Unowns.


In the past there was something in haarlem and possible also in Kijkduin. But nothing really resent.