Where Do We Want Go Fest 2019 To Be?!



I want it to be in Boston Ma USA


Maybe they could try Europe for once?


I’ve heard rumor that it’s contracted in Chicago. Unless there are multiple events it makes logistical sense to keep it near the geographic center of the country.

Europe and Asia have multiple Safari Zones, but GoFest is the ONLY event ticketed in the United States. Unless the USA starts getting Safari zones I doubt GoFest will be traveling overseas.


So why not give the US Safari Zones so that all continents can enjoy both events?


That’s a good question. My best guess is because in all actuality they are essential the same event under different names.


Not really, GO Fest is always bigger and had unique raids/quests


Washington, DC, on the National Mall.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, at Stanley Park and Vancouver Aquarium. Featuring Water, Ice, Grass, Fire, and Electric type Pokemon, along with releasing Tepig’s, Snivy’s, Oshawott’s, Grookey’s, Scorbunny’s (AKA the Reddit Pokemon), and Sobble’s Pokemon line’s, along with Jirachi appearing in quest’s. (along with a 3 hour raid period)


I’m thinking that it will be a part of another World Tour where the rewards will involve doing the Legendary Beasts on select weekends and get their Shinies, since last year was rather successful.


The raids at GoFest the first year were released to the public within hours of GoFest and the quest at GoFest was for Celebi. When the quest for Celebi became available to the public it was not available to people from GoFest.

So, there are really no unique benefits at GoFest other than early access to a single Pokémon. If getting access to to Pokémon at an event is the pinnacle of all events then yes it is superior otherwise there is little difference between the events.


I just want to go


I’m not too far from Chicago I could make it there if its held in chi-town again. I wish I wasn’t so stubborn about playing this game! I resisted at first so when my peers started playing I was dragging my feet. Don’t feel like i missed too much aside from attending Go Fest & tons of candy, stardust, legendary pokemon LOL. I’m sure I’d have gone if I’d been playing during the 1st two GoFest events. It sucks that it doesn’t offer more exclusive content for attendees. I wish they’d make an item that would make any pokemon into 100% IV 15/15/15 or max it’s CP & unlock new move LOL


I see you go and bring us all back an unknown


Maybe rotate every three years


That works


That would be far too much for something tons of people cant attent no matter what do they do


But then we would need tons of safari zones, like europe has gotten


Griffith Park , LA

It’s a massive park with already pretty decent cell phone coverage, and already many people go there because it is where Walt Disney got inspired from. It also has the LA Zoo which gets a lot of pokemon go players (so there is players in the area). It does have a large area and a cool train place called Travel town and its one of the biggest parks in LA.


We’ve had like… 2? I might be off, but we’ve had one in fall 2017 and then Dortmund
The same ammount as Go Fests so far

I really dont see why cant we switch it, with Europe, the smallest continent (not counting Australia because reasons) getting a single huge event while much bigger continents get multiple small events so that its easier for people to get there


I’ve heard of so many in the Netherlands if im not mistaken.
Fisketorvet—Copenhagen, Denmark
Centrum Cerny Most—Prague, Czech Republic
CentrO—Oberhausen, Germany
Les Quatre Temps—Paris, France
Mall of Scandinavia—Stockholm, Sweden
Stadshart Amstelveen—Amstelveen, The Netherlands