When will Niantic release quests?



How long do you think it will be until Niantic releases quests? (Hopefully soon)


At least they are in the code, now it’s only the step to release them…
And if I remember well, once a thing was in the code, there was no huge hole in time until it appeared in the active game.


Yeah I hope they come out in like the next 1 or 2 updates, but they might add more quest characters


Hopefully they add mythicals as rewards. SOME, but not all mythicals are peaceful, so it would make sense.


I think they soonest we would get quests would be this week or early march. The latest I could see them waiting on releasing quests would be leading into Easter.


I think sometime this quarter or early next quarter we’ll get it. They’re in the code so they might come soon.


I hope they add all legendaries to the quests as a way to get them in singleplayer. Some people can’t do raids for various reasons.

If this isn’t the case, they will become a helpful but probably not amazing system, kind of like the catch streak system. They are useful for select things but not all things.


Yeah It’ll help rural players, people who dont have groups,etc.


https://pokemongohub.net/post/news/pokemon-go-0-91-1-apk-mine-quests-coming/ (LINK)


They could implement the quest system in many different ways,like mythicals,team rocket, etc.


Hopefully it’s soon


If I had to guess, I would say either March or April at the latest


They’ve removed quests from the code


Take a look at the last data-mining.


Go hub made an article about it



Quests haven’t been put back into the code with the newest update https://pokemongohub.net/post/news/pokemon-go-0-93-3-apk-teardown-bug-fixes-aplenty-still-no-quests-weather-ball-move-sound-added/