What's your favorite starters in all Pokémon generations?


So just looking through the Go Hub Database and noticed that from the first 3 generations my favourite starters are Charmander (Gen1 - Fire Type), Chikorita (Gen2 - Grass Type) and Mudkip (Gen3 - Water Type). That one of each type per gen.

What’s everyone’s favourite starters Pokemon??


Bulbasaur will always be my baby. He was my very first and he was by my side the whole way through, defeating everything and battling until his little feet were sore, always with a smile on his dino face (well, he was Venusaur by then of course). I remember one night before I went to a big competition in a dallas mall, I stayed up all night getting Mewtwo and getting my Pokemon to level 100 (Venusaur never complained). I was just noticing that for the latest 4 games I have chosen a water starter which is actually pretty weird for me. If you asked me before I think I would have said that I usually choose grass. Guess I am wrong! I am focusing on getting a Rowlet now in moon though. Don’t get me wrong, I love popplio to death, I just want them both! I chose chikorita, Piplup, mudkip and oshawott. It was tradition in our family to each choose a different starter though. So a lot of times, for me, I chose which starter was left. I have never once chosen a fire starter!


Squirtle (gen 1)
Chikorita (Gen 2)
Torchic (Gen 3)
Chimchar (Gen 4)
Oshawott (Gen 5 my least favorite group of starters)
Froakie (Gen 6)
Litten (Gen 7)


Before last year, I didn’t know any Pokemon except for Pikachu and Charizard. My son got me interested in this game. His favorite is Typholosion. I know I didn’t spell that right but it is whatever Cyndiquil turns into. I’m hoping during this Fire and Ice event I get enough candy to get his favorite.


Love it! I think there are a lot of pogo players that can relate! So sweet :heart:


I agree. I’ve gained more knowledge about Pokemon since playing. Especially after gen 2vwas realised.


Totodille - Awsome
Chimchar (gen 4) - Best ever


My favorite starter for all generations is Snivy.


My favourite is mudkip. Ruby/sapphire was my jam, and it was absolutely great to take a water Pokémon into an electric gym and wipe out everyone like an invincible god. The dual typing works very well, invalidating 50% of waters weaknesses. You need a plant to thrash or nothing will work that well.

Think about how dope quagsire is, if you’ve ever handicapped battled with it. Now make it competitive.


What generation is that?? Post a picture if you can :grin:


Mudkip is freeking awesome!! :joy::joy:



It’s gen 5 (Pokémon black/white generation)


Sooooo cute @Elderscroller!! No wonder it’s a favourite!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Oh yeah. Mudkip was easily the best starter. With him, grab a shroomish (he evolves to breelom, a plant/fight hybrid with good quality in both) and your setting yourself up to counter lots and lots with that dual typing. Meanwhile, zigzagoon sits at level 3 FOREVER, and picks stuff up off the ground all day, while knowing 4 HMS (actually, I recommend working to linnone. He picks up better stuff).

Oh, look! Got a slakoth. Yes please. Honestly, a psychic covers most bad holes from there.


Oh, and fun fact that I don’t think PoGo implements. Fighting beats Steel. Seriously, I breeloom mach-punch magnamites all day. Skarmorys flying dual type kills it though.


Squirtle, Treecko and Torchic. Gen 3 is too good.


Treecko reminds me of tododile :joy::joy: both so cute. Can’t wait for gen 3 in PoGo!!


I can’t wait for gen 4. Gen 4 is special to me, as my first ever pokemon game was Diamond. Gen 4 always brings back nostalgia for me, much like gen 1 does for a lot of people. (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum are still the best games out of all pokemon games in my opinion, besides mystery dungeon and Pokémon Go)


Hopefully your not waiting too long I’m not familiar with anything after gen 3 I know them just don’t know moveset and best against in a battle.


Charmander (my all time favorite)