What's the farthest you have walked with a buddy?


Just a bit curious because me and Articuno have walked a lot recently


My brother walked 75km with Seel over several months, then the water event came out… he found a Dewgong shile sitting on the couch. I still laugh about it :joy:


That is very funny, I almost wet myself :joy:


Why are you walking this at 20k a candy?
Use your Rares for boosting these and walk something that takes less k’s.

I’m not sure how I can check previous buddy history?
It would either be Magikarp from the starter days trying to get some big Garys or Blissey when Gen 2 was released up until the Gym change with only 2 interruptions with Eevee walk 10k trick trying to get a 3rd Espeon and Umbreon which failed so went back to Blissey straight away.


For starters, I’m repping Team Mystic. Secondly, I have nothing else to walk with until Gen 3 comes out.


This guy.


First pokemon i used as a buddy


O_O woah that is crazy. I think mine is like 100 at most.



Walked charmander 174km to get a charizard but that’s nothing compared to my chansey/blissey that I’ve had as a buddy for a whopping 369 km

Currently walking togepi…not sure why. I have every Pokémon I can conceivably get right now (except regionals and unown). I need a stronger togetic to prepare for togekiss probably over a year from now lol

I was going to walk a legendary, but 20km per candy seems like a bit much and to be honest, I’m not sure they’re useful enough to warrant a candy/dust investment to power them up. I’ve already powered up my best lugia and have almost 200 rare candies I’m saving for…not sure, but something.


That a lot of bag space being used up HeracrossVille.
I’d have no Red Balls to use on my Go Plus if I held onto that many Rares. I throw mine at Pokemon as soon as I get them to free up the space.

Went through my Blissey collection and luckily I still have the one that was set as the buddy 534.9km.
I no longer have the Magikarp or Gyarados to check that one :frowning:



:grinning: I would have thought your Snorlax would be much thinner walking that far?


I think you win…that’s really far


Snorlax remains fat. Me otoh :rofl:


I walked with this guy that much mainly by me (my dad was helping me), to finally ewolve it into Togetic before having Togetic stopped being cool (to those who wants to see his cp it was 849) :grinning:


I like Blisseys <3


Whow, nearly 2000 km !!! That’s a buddy, everything else is trying to find one…


I’ve walked 75.5 KM with Grimer.


Once changed the Buddy, how can I know how many kilometers I have gone with him?