What's Next?


Now that PVP is here, what major feature is coming?


Instead of Pokemon in hats, we’ll get Pokemon with mittens. Should fill another year’s worth of events. :slight_smile:


I’d like international trading, Lucky Raid Pass, shiny charm, IV booster, Poke coins from research (like in HPWU)…


I dont think at the moment i want much more. I would love to see them optimize exsisting features though.
The sending of gifts could be made way easier.
Lobby ready button for raids.
The buddy system right now is tedious. Atleast change the way it takes to feed cause thats such a waste of time.
GBL has still alot of issues so they could fix that aswell.

Just to name a few


There are some things listed in this old poll that we did get in the game, but there are also some that we still don’t have:

  • another infinite incubator (maybe infinite super incubator :crossed_fingers:)
  • Lucky Raid Pass (better way of getting strong and legendary Pokemon since research breakthrough changed and better than PvP rewards)
  • Bluk berry and Wepar berry (does anyone remember them?)
  • Master ball (useful for 100% IV catch or can be used at the end of a research)
  • IV boost item (how many of us have these almost perfect Pokemon that we’d like to boost)
  • Shiny Charm (don’t you just hate when you can’t find that shiny you want after hundreds of checks)
  • new type of incense (with better and rarer Pokemon; it was hinted in the apk)
  • new type of ball (it can be useful and make the game more interesting)

Other ideas:

  • breeding
  • Pokemon center (I have many unhealed Pokemon and I don’t get enough potions, but with Pokemon center I could heal them more at once)
  • international trading (Niantic can make it balanced so that we won’t be able to get everything at once, but eventually we’ll be able to get the Pokemon that we need)
  • features from HPWU (ready button for raids, coins from daily tasks, visual indicator when someone is doing a raid at a gym, items to pick up on the map, battling system, daily awards get better the more you play, choosing when to open eggs so that you can start lucky egg or star piece, rewards for achievements - e.g. items when you achieve gold medal, better rewards from lures, timer for Poke stop cooldown)
  • mega evolutions (to make higher tier raid battles easier)



I think Bobby right that’s what’s next


Take out the Pokémon Center and I fully agree

Or make it work like a special lure


Henry Fondle is what’s next for everyone.


Oh wait i forgot about this feature from the main games: Bottlecaps

I would love a way to permanently boost the IV of my pokemon. I have so many 98%/96%/93% IV pokemon maxed out (some shiny) wich i would love to boost to 100%. If you tie it in with Giovannis story line you get 1 each month so its not OP either.


Hear, hear on the Bottle Caps.


Personally, I actually still believe that abilities will be added to the game.
Not in the same form as the core games, but in some way I do believe that it could happen.


Flower-hat Pidgey?