What's better, Gofest or a safari zone?


Ok, so next year i’m lucky to have the option to travel to pretty much any place between June and September, so pretty much when all the events happen. I have attended a safari zone in the past (Dortmund) but what would you guys recommend, doing a safari zone or trying to go to Gofest?


I think the action at GoFest is more concentrated area than the Safari Zones. I also think it is more difficult for players to get tickets for GoFest although I’m not certain of that.


Probably SZ(Safari Zones) because it happens every month


Id say go fest because previous ones rewarded legendaries and celebi


That’s a decision you have to make for yourself.
But personally speaking I’d choose Go Fest. I’ve been to Dortmund Safari Zone, too, and I don’t regret it.
But now that I’ve seen what a Safari Zone is like, I’d like to visit a Go Fest as well, just because I haven’t done that yet.


If all goes well, i’d like there to be a safari zone event in the UK then go to Gofest, but the odds of that happening are slim


Safari Zone lasts along time, @JoshHack , but GO fest is one day but the rewards cover the entire week. I would do Go Fest if I were you.


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