What to Evolve?


I got a 91% IV Larvitar with 579 CP and a Rock Smash with a cloud and Stomp moveset and another Larvitar with 73% IV, 722 CP and Bite Crunch moveset.

Which is preferable to evolve first that could be helpful in battle?


91% to t-tar and power that one.



Done Evolving… Will Power it up soon…

But I still fell short to a 13K CP Lunatone raid, 2x Times Up with 2 Tyranitars and 3 Sneasels. just a few more seconds and it could have been a victory.


Bad advice, shouldve waited till the next Smack Down…


Nobody knows when that will be tho


December, most likely
Since we already have good Dark attackers, I would recommend saving at least one or two if you dont have any


Ttar is pretty good but smack down puts it at another level


On pure IV alone I would have done the 91%.
It all comes down to how much Candy you have and how hard/easy it is to get more Candy.
The 73% may have suited an immediate need for use if it had 15 or 14 attack while you work on the other one or better ones. I would not be Powering a 73% up further if I’d chosen that one though.


Thanks for the tips everyone!

The 91% had been evolved. It got a Bite/Crunch after evolving into Pupitar but ends with Bite/Stone Edge after turning into Tyranitar and now has a 2164 CP. I will power it up some more after my mass evolution of pending pokemons.


Dont forget to change it to Crunch


Guess I will now have a chance to use my free TMs… By the way is the resulting move can be selected or it is just random?




It’s Randon.
If your lucky you’ll only use one Charge TM to get the desired move. If your unlucky it can take a few. There has been occasions where it’s taken me 6-8 to get the desired move.


Didn´t you got the Metagross with Meteor Mash?
Im just level 31 and just smashed Lunatone with 2 low IV (75 and 56 with a little over 2600 CP) Metagross with over 40 seconds to go. Lunatone just damages the Metagross on the charge attack. Meteor Mash takes 2 to 3 hits before Lunatone hits back, that makes 12 to 14 strikes before fainting. The shiny Metagross (56) got the Lunatone to the yellow. The other one just destroyed it without getting into the Yellow.
Had the Weavile has backup.


Metagross and Kyogre make many raids a joke


It took me 27 to get shadow ball on one of my gengars


Metagross in PvP, even without Meteor Mash, is a boss. Everyone hates my Metagross. XD


Mm makes it almost op


Almost? You’re very kind.


My winningest party for ultra is CD Metagross, CD Tyranitar, and my legacy mewtwo