What Spawned? 🤔


Was already in bed, so didn’t go out for a catch


But the in game sky is still showing daytime? :thinking:


Correct. When you go farther from the equator, during the year our ratio daylight to nighttime shifts. In summer it gets dark at 10 Pm and it Will get light at 4 am, and i winter it gets light at 9 am and it gets dark at 5 pm




15 ATK 9 DEF 14 HP


Just before bed, I don’t even have this shiny!


Missed the Community day 2 months ago?


Yeah, was busy




Lately, a lot of Shellder. That’s very odd since I live near the mountains.


I think the is one of those moments when the whole world has somewhat the same spawns. Noticed the raised Eevee spawns?


They’re about normal for me.


On Reddit I saw more reports of the same spawns on different parts of the world in totally different areas.

But it all could just be a coincidence. Who knows.

Curious what will happen what the next event brings.


I see eevee all the time in Cloudy, Partly Cloudy, and Sunny Weather. I have a rule where I can only catch Eevee 500 CP+.


I’ve caught way too many eevees. If i had 58, i would be able to evolve all of them.



This little guy got me one minute late for work :crazy_face:


Would you keep it? :grinning:


Hard choice :yum: