What Spawned? 🤔


One hour trip to Target. Pokemon of note:

Combee (1)
Finneon (1)
Lotad (6!!!)


Caught couple Lotad under rainy weather


Yesterday I found out that that in Hook of Holland they spawn. To bad they don’t spawn here.


Incredible morning


What a day. Huge spawn, and a 100% iv Pokemon!


Which one


The eevee lol. Just out of the screen


FINALY!!! This cow gave me a run around for months.


First one??


Yes. 3 times on my radar in 7,5 month, 1 ran away. This time I used a golden raspberry and an ultraball. :grin:

Edit: I now know it is because of the Lunar event Miltank spawns more. Lunar event


I got my only one out of a 10k…back when they were in 10ks…its 98%lol


I have gotten 12 in a row out of 10 k eggs it was so annoying


I have caught 20, all in the wild. It seems you have to have the luck to be in the right spot…


They used to nest…I think they removed that in late 2k17, so I was on the coast of lake michigan and I see 5 miltank at the same park and I was like, why the hell are these in nests…3 weeks later, they were removed loll


Miltank should be in the year of the pig




But Miltank is a cow, not a pig.


She is fat though. :rofl:


Yesterday the weather was nice so all the hot chicks were walking around the building. My officers were driving me around in the patrol car and I was sitting in the back just catching Pokémon. The guys up front were commenting on a certain female’s attributes, when I exclaimed, “oh wow! A miltank!” They both started laughing.


A rat.