What Spawned? 🤔


I check a LOT of Pokestops every day and still haven’t found the new Spinda task.


I noticed a lot of dubble spawns where normaly there are just single spawns.


This little devil spawned





Shiny Psyduck has been released worldwide, I assume, I saw it in gym already today


I can’t find Psyduck because of the current event.


Same here, I have not been able to find the new Spinda form 5 quest, and I don’t see such Spinda in gyms as well, is it really released?


Yes it is released.


Anybody posted it here?


But I think the topic is dead


No one bother to post this rare one, even rarer than the first one, form 8


I meant I did not see any Psyduck on @Brobraam’s screen shot.


I finally got Cubone!


Nice, wild catch or Research?




I got two Field Researches that reward a Cubone in a row today. I saved both of them for tomorrow.


Why save?


Maybe for meltan


No for Stamp. I was only able to spin three stops today.