What should I do?


I have one entei and one moltres. The entei is level 20, and the moltres is level 25.5. The moltres has 93% iv and the entei has 76%. So what should I do? If I power up neither then I have my flareon and arcanine both at same cp at 2522. They both have ideal movesets - I got lucky. I have no rare candy right now, but I am planning on doing some raids over the coming months. What should I do?
If I do power any of them up, they will be powered up to level 30 max probably, unless I suddenly obtain many more rare candies.

  • Power up neither
  • Power up only entei
  • Power up only moltres
  • Power up both entei and moltres

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Save your stardust for when you actually need a fire type. (Hint: pretty much never)


You are never gonna need a fire type, Regis can be disposed of by other means a lot more easily anyways


Sadly the first one is correct. 50 raids in and my fire need has been next to nothing. I love fire types, but they don’t do much in any raid situation. Save the candy for a t-tar or electric legend.


Until Virizion comesin to get massacred by Chandelure, that is,but we will have to wait a few years for that