What shiny do you want the most?(in pokemon go)


I want this soooo much


Personally i want a shiny Rayquaza, but shiny Kabutops is already in the game btw


Espeon and for that matter the whole Eevee family


I want this :point_right: image


I want this tooimage


I want all thisimage


I want a yellow magikarp. Already got 600 candies and couldn´t find a shiny.


Shiny ralts!!!


I knew it​:joy::rofl:


I’ve seen 2032 and only caught 2. I had 1500 sightings to find my first. Don’t give up :slightly_smiling_face:

As far as unreleased shinies, Rayquaza and Machamp are both at the top of my list. Ralts, Lapras, bagon line round out my top 5 of unrealeased shiny Pokémon.

Of the ones currently out I like Gyrados and Charizard the best and really want to find a shiny Kabuto to evolve!




I just want all the shinies!!


Unreleased: Rayquaza. He’s gorgeous.
Released: Aron, because I’m about to hit 1k sightings, and not a single shiny.




Eevee and Litwick probably, they’ve got really good shiny evolutions


Well I guess i’m getting lucky now…


Whoa, every shiny in gen 1!


Shiny Sneasel, just because I like Sneasel and feel like it deserves a shiny


Shiny pidgey :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


This hurts my eyes :drooling_face::no_mouth: