What pokemon have you hatched from the eggstravaganza?


Smeargle? Shiny? Post Here, Please


Nothing yet. It hasn’t even begun, or am I just crazy?


The problem is that it has become a challenge to be the first who publish this type of articles…


Hah, thats almost like the HUB itself :rofl::rofl:


Ya thats why I posted it so early :grin:… I wanted to be the first. But now the events started were I live (California)! Every stop I get will not give me a egg… so mad lol.:roll_eyes: :smiley:


So far I’ve hatched luvdisc, trapinch, torchic, and shellder from the new eggs, can’t say I’m happy…


Wow… thats a lot. Trapinch would be good for me so thats a plus!


Wailmer, Pineco, Shelder, Torchic, and Eevee. The Eevee was the only one with decent IVs. These eggs would really want to improve…


I hatched a Trapinch with 53 Candy out of a 10KM Egg. No 2KM’s yet


I had a Swablu with 17 candy, but clearly yours is better


Three times that = Flygon😁




I hatched two chimecho out of 10km eggs and got 64 candy for each of them!


I have hatched a Trapnich and also a Larvitar!


My daughter got 43 candy from hatching a Ralts!


Does the candy taste good?


Trapinch is nowhere here so I’m happy with that.


Hatched a mantine and a Tangela.


Got a low cp Beldum but it came with 53 candy so I ain’t complaining😜


Then I evolved to get this beauty