What Pokémon do you want the most to be released in Pokémon GO?


I want this SO much…
Too cute
Deoxys is SO COOL
I wonder what you want to be released!


Jirachi = #cute
Deoxys = Super cool space virus


Gen 4+ :grin:
I rather see gen IV next now than other unreleased Pokémon (except new shinies), actually.




Probably all the legendaries in research rewards. It would mean that Pokemon like Lugia and Groudon which are unbeatable in small groups suddenly become a possibility. It’s as if the legendaries didn’t exist for these players. A group which includes me.


Gallade, Lunala, kartana, Mega Mewtwo Y and Necrozma(dabest) :rofl::rofl:


Piplup (and the rest of the evolution chain)




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