What pokemon are coming out in the future that you are excited about?



Mamoswine? Metagross? Salamence?






Oh, i thought Necrozma lol!


Too far away right now


Garchomp, Gallad, Lucario, Darkrai, Mega Charizard, Duknoir, and Zoroark.


In total future lets see, Zygarde, muchlax, ryperior


I’ve never had any real experience with Pokemon after gen 2/3, so I’m really excited for all of them. One funny Pokemon that I’ve very excited to see is Honchkrow. The only reason is so that I have a use for the ridiculous amount of Murkrow candies that I’ve collected due to them being everywhere!


i have like 500 candies ready!


I don’t know much about any generations past gen 3, so I’m hyped for Salamence.