What legendary or legendaries are coming next?


Fair enough. Time will tell. Shiny Rayquaza would be bomb. If I got a great one of those, you would definitely see me going nuts with it.


Niantic has alot of pokemon to juggle with. I hope they drop before Darkrai, no reason. Just get that done with before getting to deep into another gen.


We still have Jirachi, but I imagine that will be through Special Research. We also have two more forms of Deoxys as well, and I imagine those will have three-month cycles as well. We may not see Darkrai until late this year, unless they just decide to make him a regular Level 5 boss. That could still happen. Halloween 2019?


Yup, could be Shadow Halloween event T5 darkrai, and Jirachi come for christmas(?) Special Research and after all Deoxy. Shaymin (special research) then Arceus around 2020(?) ( Ex raid)
am i missing anyone?


Shaymin and Manaphy (as well as Phione) I feel will be Special Research as well, so I don’t think those will count. Halloween 2019 would be a great opportunity to have a big event for Gen 5 spooky Pokemon alongside Darkrai as a Raid Boss. Sounds perfect to me.


My guess are the two trashcans and Azelf


I wouldn’t call Mesprit a trashcan since her attack and defense are fairly well balanced and still up in good ranges. She’ll have some respectable TDO. Azelf will be another Alakazam with a little more time in battle, emphasis on little.

I can see why Uxie isn’t favored, but hey, I find a lot of use in TDO over DPS. Just got to know how to use them and pair them with others. Uxie could be a terror in PvP.


Azelf is a better Espeon, not just Alakazam
Uxie wont be a terror because both Lugia and Cress beat her by a margin
Mesprit has terrible stats, low attack paired with mediocre bulk at best
Given the competition, be it legendary or not, be it PvP or raids, she wont be decent at all


From what I found, Azelf has better TDO and DPS than Alakazam, so that’s not correct.
Uxie is still a terror. Just because others are more of a terror doesn’t mean it won’t be. Superlatives are juvenile.
Mesprit does not have terrible stats, unless you gold anything beneath 250 as terrible.

Opinions are not fact. Period.


Uxie is destroyed by Giratina and doesnt particularly help against stuff like Blastoise either
It will be decent in PvP, but with many better options and many ways to beat it, it wont be a terror
Mesprit’s 212 is absolutely laughable, especially as a psychic type
Its defenses are ok-ish, its offense straight-out sucks

Thats not an opinion, thats a fact
Just look at how many things have miles better DPS/TDO than her


confirmed: Kyogre and Groudon are back. I guess i was sorta right. Why was Rayquaza left out…i guess it does deserve it’s own spot light.

in 5God we trust!


Kyogre and Groudon return

No word on Shiny Groudon, but it seems insane to not include that since Kyogre is Shiny.


I would believe shiny is available. why else bring Groudon back.


A homage to last years’ battle of the Legendaries, methinks. It was in February last time.

Trust me, Groudon needs to be shiny, even though I think the Shiny Groudon is hideous.


maybe if it was a lil more golden it would be nice.


Yeah, and not pee yellow. :x


Black would be a great colour for a Shiny Groudon not pee pee yellow :nauseated_face:


Black is always amazing.

I think they tried to go for a dirt color, but it ended up yellow. XD


Desert Sand Groudon but turned out Yellow Snow Groudon :rofl: