What just happened?


So, right after the end of Chikorita community day, something really strange happened for about half an hour. This very tiny Pokemon mon that was leaked yesterday appeared everywhere, and by catching it it would automatically evolve into ditto. Any explanations??


Placeholder Pokemon, theres a glitch where it spawns and turns into Ditto after capture


That was really weird. Here is the Pokemon. Did it happen to anyone else? You’re probably right, it was a massive glitch. But I wasn’t the only one having it. My friend too.


It isnt a glitch its a teaser whatever it means


All Pokémon are this. It can turn into a chikorita


These popped up every where straight after the CD finished.
All turned into Ditto


This is how it appeared on one account.


I got one this morning. It turned into Ditto.


I also got all the tiny ones right after community day in the nearby. Now it just shows a couple of them among other pokemon. I caught a couple that turned into ditto.

That was really disappointing though, because in the nearby I thought it might be unown, then when catching it, it looked like a new pokemon, and then… Ditto. :joy:


I saw them too. They appeared after CD. 1 turned into Chikorita and all other into Ditto.


Best is Lapras and Best is team valor

Thank you @Branebs :star_struck: