What is your rarest 100 IV Pokemon?



I would say this hatch was my rarest :100:


Probably this guy


I would say kyogre or metagross

My favorite is machamp


(Have no 100iv)


Then it’s more like ‘Missingall’


Rare is only really relative to the area you play in to a degree.
What I might consider rare others around the world might get plenty of and have multiple 100’s.

Apart from the migrating nest I have near home now, Qwilfish aren’t very common for me so I consider my 100% Qwilfish rare.


My rarest: I caught a wild 100IV Bagon without using any trackers.
I’ve also hatched a perfect Snorlax.
One day I leveled up to 37, caught a perfect Rayquaza and hatched a perfect Ralts.


A stupid Chimecho…


As 100iv it can get above cp2000


I don’t even have Chimecho


I had luck and hatched one


If I would invest hundreds of candy that I dont even have :smile:


I got 200 chimeco candy I hatched 4 in double candy and 1 outside and great Tom around 30 candy each including 98 iv


100iv front venasor golem, numel now being evolved Tom Pokédex camurupt level 31 now levelled up yes