What is your favourite Pokemon?


What is your favourite Pokemon? Mine is probably dragonite or ampharos. You could do your top 5 or 10 etc if you also want.


Well, my all time favourite/old bestie is probably Blaziken. He was my first ever and holds a special place in my heart. Other than that i would say my favourite legendary is Rayquasa, and i also have some love for Quagsire and Umbreon.


tyranitar is my favorite pokemon


before i got m2 next monday, i would say my favorite would be dragonite and tyranitar


My favorite two Pokémon aren’t yet in the game, being froslass and whiscash so I will have to say sudowoodo (my first perfect) for at least a bit longer



Ultra Necrozma, if that wasnt obvious enough yet


Ninetales. Period. Hands down.


Rayquaza All The way, the greatest Pokémon of all time.


I wouldn’t know. I’d choose ditto because it could transform into any thing/Pokémon I want it to be


And now it’s Garchomp again


My favourite Pokémon is Snivy in gen 5
My Favourite legendary has to be Rayquaza
My favourite Mythical is Hoopa unbound
My fave Ultra beast is Nihiligo




Favourite Pokémon:
Favourite Shiny:
Mega Rayquaza
Favourite legendary:
Favourite starter:
Favourite mythical:
Favourite UB:
Necrozma (ultra)


Wigglytuff, cute, pink, long ears flopping around in the battle animation, enormous stamina. What’s not to love?


Love Dewgong and Lapras. Dk why


My favorite attackers are dragonite and rayquaza. My overall favorite would be sylveon because it’s too cute


How has nobody said Greninja yet? Definitely the ninja frog.


Just look at my profile picture


Shiny Umbreon!!!