What is your favourite Pokemon? 😁


Lol a toy of him and hide it around the house


he’s pretty weird in the detective pikachu trailer also :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::laughing:


Thats what makes Mr.Mime the best worst pokemon ever made.


Yeah, he is sufficiently creepy there. lol


Me and kids are going to see Detective Pikachu. They don’t really care about Avengers 4. After Pikachu, we will see new Godzilla movie.


wrong topic


^^^you brought up Detective Pikachu. I was commenting on that.


I still have not seen no trailers for detective Pikachu but everybody says it’s going to be awesome


How have you not seen the trailers yet? Deadpool is Pikachu.


I don’t watch a lot of TV and on YouTube all I watch the Crazy Russian Hacker and anime so ya never seen a trailer seen a lot of pictures everyone says it’s going to be cool so I’ll go buy them herd mentality


My top three favorite PokΓ©mon are 1). Growlithe, 2). Sandshrew and 3). Yanma I think. Or maybe Drifloon. Oh and Chikorita. Hmmm it’s too hard to decide my top three. :thinking:


That’s one of the reasons that Pokemon are so cool to me. There are so many options and even the ones that I like the least are someone’s favorite.

I, for example, cannot stand Chikorita. :rofl:


I like gengar hoopa deddene lapras jirachi regigigas


Squirtle and Blastoise all day long and Chikorita