What is your favourite Pokemon? 😁


Everything is β€œfree” when you are a shoplifter right ?


The greeter that checks receipts just thought it was one of my kids.


LMAO but wouldn’t Walmart put a random price on it?


The price doesnt matter when you are stealing it.


People of Walmart lol


Brb, heading to walmart


Lol Maybe you’ll encounter one to


There are lots of Snorlax at my local Walmart.


Plenty available for the taking.


I just left Walmart and did not find any It must be only certain locations carry him Probly have to have Reinforced floor


Come to West Virginia. We are probably most posts on People of Walmart website.


Mewtwo is awsome


Yes and barley lol


Zacian and Zamazenta look kind of cool


Vulpix, Ninetales, and Flareon of course


I remember Chikorita being a bit of a bratty little diva in the Pokemon Christmas special I saw when I was about 10 or 11. I think I remember her getting mad and making that one baby Pokemon cry by hitting it with a shoe or something.


Victini, cutest boi


Funny timing. I just read this today. lol


Know that β€œuseless” doesn’t mean hated. I find chikorita to be useless but I still like that pokemon


A hundred stardust. That’s all Chikorita is to me.