What is your favorite Pokémon that you have?


What is your favorite Pokémon that you have?


Probably the ~90% IV Torchic that I nurtured all the way up to become a fearsome Blaziken. Oh, and it’s also lvl 1 with a CP of 36. It takes aaaages to degrade on gyms, so best 125 candies I ever spent!


My Lapras or my 100 IV Rhydon.


Hands down the Groudon I caught at level 8! Still have him, and is one of my most reliable attackers. Obviously MewTwo is great as well😁


My first perfect Machamp (first perfect egg hatch) followed my my 98% Riakou. They have been the cornerstone of my gym stomping team and will probably remain my 2 go to beasts for a long time. Machamp just cracked 2000 battles won and Riakou is just over 1600 and both are raised to max level.


2K battles with one Pokémon?! I just cracked 650 battles overall, well played😊


My favorite is the Lapras that I hatched when I first started,and it was my first rare Pokemon


Even tho i rarely use him. I enjoy playing with a Charizard.



96% Tyranitar. It was the first really good Pokemon I got, and I managed to get it quite soon after gen 2 dropped due to some very good egg luck. Felt good being able to post it in gyms when very few had one. Also, a 93% Charizard just because he’s always been a favourite since I was a kid.


I love all of these Pokémon, I use them to take down gyms at low motivation!


:joy: Kevin spacey


He’s actually my oldest Pokémon I have, I live in the United States but I travelled to Europe over the summer, I couldn’t play normally because I didn’t have data, but I knew I needed to catch at least one so I downloaded the game and caught a few of them, didn’t touch the game until a few months later when I finally got myself data!


I dont know
Wish i will ever catch a 100iv shiny ralts when he is released