What is your favorite Johto Pokémon?

Yes, but umbreon has a very low attack stat…

Yea but still beats phsychic pokemon. @Pokemon

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@Lucario are you going to meet @Blaze today?

Same with tyranitar. Beats phsychic. Well anyways i know umbreon is better. Even if you say by opinion it is not. Its facts.

@pokemon i already met him an commented on my topic.

Where the topic that says show off your shinies. Or something like that.

You met him in real life?

@Lucario the topic you want is called “How many/which shinies do you have?”

@Pokemon general discussions or where?

Lavender Town.

This one @Lucario?

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Yes, I think he is on it… :smile:

Waass. Cooking

Ty @Jormdeworm

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I shared my shiny fluffy!


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Is ralts fluffy?:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

What fur? :laughing: @Pokemon

I don’t know…:sweat_smile: