What is your favorite Johto Pokémon?


I LOVE Heracross!Its awesome in attack and its my favorite Johto Pokémon!


DEFINITELY Heracross @Kevin_v_Hoften


Although I do not have one…


Wish i had one…:woman_shrugging:t4:


Same… Will probably only get one from trading??




It would be a 3 way tie between Ampharos, Slowking, and Quagsire.


Feraligtr, and it still is one of my favorites Pokémon ever.


Umbreon paws down. n.n


One of my all-time favorite, Tyranitar!


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Is this gen 1??Since when?


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And you have gone to the wrong topic…


I like most pokemon from type 2 and help them get help now and give pidgey with 75% iv !!!


Cant you just post your favorite Kanto pokemon in the favorite kanto pokemon topic…


Tyranitar because it is usefull for me…


Tyranitar! Lugia and Ho-Oh don’t even compare to his strength. I also don’t need a bunch of Pokemon nerds telling me I’m wrong because I only play this game and have Level 25 Lugia and Ho-Oh because they were weather boosted. My Tyranitars are all over 3000 CP (except for my shiny) and they all do awesome on raids. I already have a Pokemon nerd at home who plays all the games and always tells me I’m wrong; my 10 year old son.


Probably a tie between Espeon and sneseal


I think I like photography as slow as I want to get one but I have no one but no injustice