What features do you want most?


What features do you want most?


Trading followed very closely by PvP.


I’m hoping for Breeding and PVP


New raid bosses and quests


Regional Raids (regional pokemon avaiable in raids worldwide) and breeding


How bout finally being able to see my player stats and my Pokémons win stats without having to be in a raid lobby or a VS screen, respectively? The information is already there. They just need to make it more accessible to us.


Quests and PvP


I would like for Niantic to:
1:Implement gym/pokestop submission for PoGo players independent of ingress.
2: Update the cell maps
3: Allow players a home base
3A: have a garden to grow berries in
3B: have a “stable” for keeping “trophy” Pokémon you don’t need to bring with you.
3C: extra item storage/ treasure chest
4: items like the fishing rod for catching water types at local ponds(create one for each type for use at specific locations relative to that type)
5: more outfit options for avatars(more black instead of charcoal)
6: trading
7: ability to improve a Pokémon’s IV/stats


I want Pokémon to be able to power up by defending gyms and battling at them. So you don’t only have to use candy and stardust to make them stronger.



Being able to see stats!