What do you think the Kanto event will be about?


I think it’ll be about Gen 1 shinys being released, though I hope it’ll be Unown letters K A N T O being spawned worldwide ( like in events)


I really doubt it will have anything to do with unown given the fact unown is from Johto, but I don’t care what they do, I’ll be happy regardless


Seems like a good opportunity to roll out the shiny versions of a lot of the more common mons from gen 1 that wouldn’t be worth a community day event


More shinies from gen1 and higher rate of shinies.


No, please make them harder to get, if all the common Pokémon get shinies at the same rate as it is now it wouldn’t be difficult to average a shiny a day. And you want to make them more common?


Fully agree, having played the main series games for many, many years, I only ever encountered one shiny (that wasn’t a red Gyarados in Pokemon Gold). I never hunted them, but finding that one felt like such an achievement. Definitely shouldn’t make them easier to find. Keep the high spawn rates for Community Day only.


Yeah, I’m actually a shiny hunter in games and I can tell you that a shiny in Pokémon Go will never feel as special unless they decrease the rate drastically, but I don’t even want a drastic change, make it around 1/1000 to make them challenging but obtainable


I have seen over 1000 magikarp and still not a shiny yet halloween ghosts are like 400+ still no shiny for them also


Just curious, but how many of those Pokémon were caught before their shiny variant was released? Magikarp was out for a year before it’s shiny was available and shuppet’s shiny wasn’t available until the last day of the Halloween event


Agreed, I really don’t like the shiny system in PoGo. I have been playing the main series game for more than 15 years now and only shiny i found was bellsprout and zubat and I was proud ever since. Shiny should really be like a once in a life thing. I indeed went for a shiny Lugia hunt but I hate people talking like “did you found the shiny?” Nobody should hunt and expect a shiny, the rate was 1/8192 after all


I mean, I’m the games you should expect a shiny, just not on your first try, I’m currently soft resetting for shiny castform in Omega Ruby. If I didn’t expect to get it eventually I wouldn’t be doing it in the first place. But I’m over 20 hours into the hunt so it shouldn’t be easy, I absolutely agree with you.


Wow, that’s a lot of effort that I lack of XD. Shiny is always a surprise for me, never tried to S/L for it. Good luck to you!


well is the 10th and nothing happened


Events always start at 1:00 PST, just be patient for another seven hours