What defenders do you usually put in gyms?


pretty self-explanatory (30 chars)


I just scroll down find a random pokemon put it there


Meltan since i got them 2 weeks ago. Need the candys you get from feeding. Its not much, but every bit helps.


Blissey and Snorlax usually, then I usually go with Steelix, Walrein, Crobat (since he’s double-resistant to Fighting), and whatever I find to fit the gym. One time I used Kingdra and it lasted two days.


I put my highest CP available, unless it is a themed gym, where I cooperate as much as I can.


I’m putting shinies in Gyms at the moment because I don’t have to Revive most of them. If not, then I put in an instantly-transfer-afterwards Pokémon.


I vary. I usually tend to go with Pokémon between the 1000 to 2200 CP range.


I mix it up depending on the Gym. Big Blissey / Chancey to deter low levels from taking Gyms soon after they’ve been placed in. The good things that I would like extra Candy from feeding in a few select Gyms and the junk I catch or evolve to be transferred upon return in all other Gyms.


Snorlax Blissey and Slowking


If I’m already gold in the gym, I just put random from Pokedex that I would normally transfer. If I don’t have gold there, it gets Slaking, Blissey, or Snorlax.


Salamence, Tyranitar, Dragonite. Rarely Blissy anymore ( cp to low on list)


I’m the same as @bobbyjack8, unless it’s a themed gym


What appears under my finger


Me too


Me as well
unless we have time then i put a good thing in


Anything thing that has high CP.