What CD Pokémon do you want the most?


What do you want to most to be CD?
I want these 2 So much.


I already had my 2 - dragonite and ampharos - really early on. If I got to choose for myself, I’d for lotad, since I still need ludicolo. But based on what shinies I want, Eevee, and Litwick.


Ralts so we can hopefully get a fairy type fast more, Beldum, bacon, machop, and the gen 2 and gen 3 starters.




Bacon would be good.




But then it will evolve into Salami


Nooooo, not again… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

@Thorend, what you have done? Don’t mention this evil word Bac…




Original bacon


Bacon is a good idea for community day because it’s tasty and all the community go for free bacon


Lots of people are just talking about ‘Bacon’, ‘Shellgon’ and ‘Salamance’. Maybe they have got too difficult names…


Or Autocorrect :man_facepalming:t2:


Yeah, I see, it’s summer, the sun is too hot, and the brains are not working as normal… :woman_student::woman_student::woman_student:




I’m going with the excuse that I was hungry when I posted :bacon::bacon::bacon:




How about clamperl or nincada – never seen either of those (nor their evolved forms) in the wild, not even in hatching eggs.

Or an eevee day might have a lot of potential, with eevolutions that aren’t heavily biased toward (or away from) any of the varieties. (I’ve seen just ONE each of umbreon, espeon, and jolteon out of about a hundred eevees evolved.)


They’re not in the game yet.


They’re not in the game yet.

So it’s probably a good thing that I haven’t seen any of them, yet…