Weird Pokestop



I saw today a Pokestop that had this weird mirror-looking thing at the base
Does anyone know what it means?


That is a sponsored stop. It gives special research tasks.


Sometimes it does anyway, but when they do, they’re pretty cool.


Sponsored by what ?


The pasture around it obviously


So its a vegan pokestop ?


Yep you know they secretly control everything



Aw, come on, it’s just one of the new secure Pokéstops. Any spoofers who spin 'em quietly explode into a shower of sticky Burmy-Bits.


IED charged pokespot


I’m have to send my brother to go get it for me then hopefully he’ll come back


? Really? What tasks?


My fiancé spun one and it was something like catch 10 Pokémon and the reward was like 2000 stardust or something.


That’s a good reward


I’d be happy to do them all day.


I got make 3 great throws in a row for 3 golden razz


Sometimes sponsor pokestops give out the task - send 3 gifts for 1000 dust.

I got land 3 great curve ball throws for one rare candy


Betcha it’s an incremental step towards having the logo of the sponsor placed onto the pokéstop in the main view screen, and the purple-framed field research tasks in the task list are going to have the sponsor’s name added, too.

Trying to make damned sure the system is operational before being fully switched on, so that users don’t associate a wave of new bugs with the sponsors.