Weather Accuracy


Is there weather accurate in your Pokemon go for your area? Usually it correct but sometimes its off.

Example : today no rain but in game is raining?


Its cloudy in game


what? that made no sense


Today the game has been raining all day but it is dry




I read a very complex explanation for this a few weeks ago somewhere online - it lost me a bit but it was something along the lines of the planet being divided up into grids of X amount of squares each, one of which your location will be in, however if it’s raining in so many of the other squares in your grid then it’ll show as raining where you are too even if your particular square is dry. That’s how I understood it anyway. It often shows it as raining here before it actually begins but on the whole it’s fairly accurate.


I feel like not everyone knows that you can report incorrect weather in game.




I have that I see it’s cooudy but in bright sunlight through on my phone I can hardly sea anything when it is raining