We need OPR for Pokémon GO and we need it fast…



Yes, we do!


I didn’t see this article when it was published…

I guess we all agree on its main point: players of all Niantic’s POI-based games should not only be allowed to submit new POIs but also to review them.

It’s just nonsense having two other games depending on the moods of one game’s players. I don’t want to accuse all Ingress players by this, please don’t get me wrong…
It’s just not the way it’s supposed to work.

The article might be right about “just let PoGo players sign in and review on OPR”, but I fear it’s not that easy. Or maybe I’m seeing obstacles where there are none…
I myself do have an Ingress account (only L2, never played) on the same Google account I’m using for PoGo.
If they don’t add some kind of “Sign in with Pokémon GO”, I wouldn’t be allowed to review submissions, because reviewing requires level 12 (?).
They’d lock out quite an amount of players if they don’t distinguish between PoGo and Ingress when singing in with Google…


I can’t wait for POI submission. I want the spawns close to me that Niantic has taken away back. :neutral_face:


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