We just missed something huge coming?



So, remember when Niantic said on Halloween Event announcment that more gen 3 will come in december? And what we got year ago during christmas? New Pokemon! So i just predicted new event! Christmas event with gen 3 released! Do you think that my prediction is accurate?


Most likely, can’t really say much more than that


I suspect we get both the release of gen 3 and a Christmas event.


i think we will see the baby pokemon (azuril, wynaut) in the first weeks of december. then i guess we will get delibird with the christmas event. and maybe ho-oh raids with all the legendary beasts coming back during the whole month of december.


Niantic may release gen 3 ice type Pokemon during Christmas event.


Maybe they will release Delibird instead. Gen 3 might come much earlier


Thanksgiving is happening in the US in a few weeks, so I’m hoping they release one of the missing gen 2 mons.

I’m worried that they will just release babies again before they release all of gen 3. I hope this is wrong since there are only a few babies this time


its gonna be just like gen 2 and release a huge chuck at one time. nothing will change.


they don’t need to release babies again cause they already had a event to introduce gen 3.


no u doubt. while does if feel like I’m the only one who forgot how gen 2 was release. niantic won’t change the way they release a new gen.