Ways to combat Team Rocket



Topic to share your tips when battling against tr.
My tips:
1: Use super effective Pokemon. I battled against a tr without se pokes and lost with the last poke at like 1% hp, but with se Pokemon (my Ttar in this case) Ko’d all 3 pokes without it getting ko’d

2: Preparation
Just looking on the Internet for strats will help but this also applies in-game, so power up & evolve Pokemon too.

3: Experience
Trying to battle as many tr grunts as you can will make you better against battling them so if you can battle them, you should


Just use Tyranitar.

I use 2 tyranitar and a mewtwo and its not difficult at all


I use Tyranitar, metagross and dragonite. Works fairly good


I use my 93% L40 Giratina (alt forme) and it’s not very often I get to the 2nd Pokemon.


They usually give you hints of the type of pokemon’s they are going to use in the dialogue box. So you choose a pokemon who has an advantage over that type of pokemon.


What movesets would you recommend for those?