Wait a minute... I don’t get this


Pikachu is the electric mouse Pokémon, right?
This can’t be correct.
As there are no mice in Pokémon, how can it be the electric mouse mon? Shouldn’t it be something like the electric rattata Pokémon?
Share your thoughts about this and other Pokémon with the same or similar issues


Oh my god…


Micinnio i think?
Bad in english


There are dogs and fish in the anime, so why wouldnt there be any mice?


And for me, as lot as they call it Rattata, it’s a mice…




Nice meme.


Ye only dogs in ye anime are Pokémon


Not entirely true, in the “original” show since there were only 151 mons they showed more real life animals such as dogs, some of the concept art and art has these animals in them. Also if real animals weren’t real why did Ash dress up in a cow costume and not a milktank costume in one particular episode.




What the heck, that’s
The dog Pokémon


Never could watch all season 1


its weird to think about real life animals in Pokemon, I’ve always just assumed that there were since I doubt they (the main characters) would cook Pokemon for their meals.


Well if I remember correctly then one time they were daydreaming about a roast magicarp


true, the episode where they escape the S.S Anne.


Yeah, that’s the one! ( I think)


It is


here is the link for examples of real life animals in Pokemon, take it how you will




honestly i didnt know that any animals were referenced in the games, it was enlightening