Wailord sucks too much



If it costs 400 candy and looks cool as shit it should at least be useful. The max cp is like 2250 why. Niantic should boost it.


Why should Niantic boost it when its stats arent that good
Just dont use it amigo


Because it should be useful if it’s going to cost 400 candy


But its stats cant give it good enough stats in PoGo, if anything, the price should drop


Then they can boost the stats they’ve done it before


I dont think they have ever done that


They changed the stats for the entirety of gen 1, then nerfed Lapras, and a few weeks ago they boosted Ho Oh’s hp stat for like 3 days then put it back.


The boost for entire gen 1 was because they changed the calculation, not the stats (to include speed from what I remember)
Ho-oh’s boost was a bug most likely, its HP got back to its original ammount it had before it got nerfed


Mewtwo got a heavy debuff in all his stats before EX raids started


But that was a nerf, not a buff, they never buff Pokemon just because they could be stronger


You’re just jealous you have to wait 400 candy