Visiting Another Country


I play PG when visiting family in other states, I’ve went up to 4 states away and didn’t see anything negative happen while I played there. I see others complain they can’t? My question is, if we vacation outside the US, say a country that has an exclusive Pokemon character there, and I caught one or a lot, would my account get in trouble for having an exclusive Pokemon outside of the country it’s from?


It would Not. Last year I went to Florida, caught Some regionals, had a Nice holiday and went home after two weeks. I live in Europe. I have never gotten Any problems.


It should cause no issues whatsoever, otherwise regionals would kinda be pointless if you could never catch the rest of them.


My suggestions:
If travelling over 1000 miles by plane, leave the game off for one hour prior to travelling.

There is no problem having Pokemon from different places than your home.


As long as you don’t make a trip from Europe to the US in under 6 hours (like in 2 minutes), you should be fine. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! Just wanted to make sure so I didn’t get my account in trouble. Maybe I’ll be able to catch something new.


I am travelling a lot, so I can assure you that there is no issue.
The ban system (I was banned once, still do not know why, and this was just that the game would not interact with me for 1h - all 'Mons fled and stops gave no reward) is to prevent spoofing, so if you are really travelling the time you are spending doing so is more than enough to satisfy the game’s control routine.

My collection comprises 'Mons from all over Europe, the US, Singapore etc… They are nice Souvenirs and also having the regional one’s (e.g. Tauros) is not a Problem in a German account. Why should it?


Spoofing test account got tons of regionals in quite a short ammounts of time, not even a warning
They cant make banning too strict because it would ban the legit players as well, as long as you dont hold on a Pokemon for too long (open the catching sequence, move to another state, catch it, and then catching/spinning right after without waiting for the cooldown), you should be perfectly fine as a legit


I recently had an odd occasion where I was in berlin, but my GPS put me about 5 miles from Szczecin, Poland