Valentine's Day Exclusives


I know it is supposed to be an increased spawn of Luvdisc and Chansey but I have seen a million Luvdiscs and only 1 Chansey! I know Chansey is a rare Pokemon but what gives?


I’ve caught 3 Chanseys so for me they’re kinda common


In my area there were allways 3-4 Luvdiscs in the radar, but not one Chansey… I had catched some last summer, but in the event cero.


Same here. I saw hundreds of Luvdiscs (catching dozens, including a shiny one). But I haven’t seen a Chansey in months.

Whatever… Right now I just wish the game could complete a login so I could play for a few minutes before lunch ends. (Been trying for about an hour now…) [hoo rah - finally got a login, with 20 minutes left in lunch]


Yesterday I caught one outside work, and seen one in town but it despawned. Luvdisc have been everywhere though, and still no shiny…


I didn’t see a single chansey for whole event and can’t remember ever seeing one tbh I think the one I have came from an egg.