Valentine’s Day event prediction


What will happen in Pokemon go on Valentine’s Day 2019, if it does happen?

In 2018, we had increased Luvdisc spawns along with its shiny form appearing. Chansey also started appearing more.

In 2017, we had increased pink pokemon spawns, with some baby pokemon appearing more often in eggs.


:laughing: Maybe a new gen 4 wave!!!


Haven’t seen a Shiny Luvdisc yet… so it is not pink anymore?


Shiny Chansey / Blissey?


Shiny Lickitung



Nice! but I like the pink better… Perhaps they could have made it RED rather than Yellow, or purple perhaps. :grin:


:money_mouth_face: So… pretty…


Increased ralts spawns, makes sense since it part fairy, but I get luvdisc and the blissey line, but shiny blissey is one of the worst shinies ever, on par with gengar,


We can finally get a fairy fast move??!!


Maybe gen 4 pink Pokémon will spawn more!!!


Spark will fall in love with Blanche and he’ll ask Candela to help him impress her. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are there any pink Gen 4 Pokemon? [looks at list.] Very few, and they’re mainly alternate forms or infant Pokemon.


Im gonna get a snap from team snapchat


LOL that’s funny


3.5 hours and we now if it’s true. HYPE :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Partly I can confirm: More pink spawns, double candy.


I see the Silph road has updated the egg list. Not complete, 7km eggs not filled in yet. No Pink pattern spotted in the eggs.