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I think the counter in the Users category of the Pokemon GO Hub Forum is broken. Can someone explain to me how can number of given/received likes and replies drop? I received 76 likes on January 1 and in 2 hours it dropped to 72. I gave 31 likes and it dropped to 30 and I didn’t unlike anyone. I had 47 replies and it dropped to 40. I provide 2 screenshots. The first was taken today at 19:03 (7:03 PM). I had 75 received likes and I checked earlier today and it showed 76 so it was suspicious. The second was taken also today at 21:34 (9:34 PM) and it shows significant drop. So what’s going on here?


I don’t know, should ask @apavlinovic


I think it counts for 24 hours, not just today.


But still it doesn’t make sense.


Why exactly not? It most likely goes per 24 hours. That means, if you received a like yesterday at 8 pm and it’s 8.01 pm today, it will not count that like anymore.


Yes, but that’s so messed up. It should reset at midnight or it should give you a time span (e.g. from 7 AM January 1 to 7 AM January 2). Now we don’t know how many likes we received/gave and how many replies we had during a particular day. So everything that is given there is irrelevant. You can’t make top lists because you don’t know when the counter begins to count.


No it should be 24 hours because we are all in different time zones so midnight will be different for all of us


You could use UTC for that.
But 24 hours seems logical to me


Universal time for everybody like Niantic does would solve the problem. Or an option to see individually for your time zone.


But 24 hours will also work