User of the month (full lists)


I have found how to access the user of the month, day, week, year
Here is user of the month for those wondering


Well done to @bagguille for being the top person of the year though :clap:
TBH the only reason why i’m best of the month (thanks forum :blush:) is because somehow i’ve read 26,000 posts this month. That’s an average of 900 per day.


Yeah, for some reason i also dont really believe i read 2309 posts per day here… Might need to start doing something else with my time if i do :sweat_smile:


Did i win? thankyou?

others like quarterly i was lack in april.


I think that your name always appears on top


Your own stats appear on top if you didn’t do well this month.


I want to be the month’s user How do I become the user of the month, I have to make many new topics or something or is it something that’s being voted because if people can use that stuff and it would not be? It would be very fair . Hopefully, how many of you do not like the broken pokemon, because I do and it’s good and bad and also quite a bad bad


Just stay on the forum and remain active.


Omg im number 14!


@Pokemon is unbeatable


Because there is more than one @Pokemon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is anyone still doing this?


Doing What? Checking the top charts?


Yes, and how?


Tap the three bars next to your profile photo and select users.


I’m a distant #2


For this week.

And you are #3 all time :wink::blush:


I bet a lot of those are the counting quests and they shouldn’t count. A real post should be when you got something to say.


I’m number 9, :grinning:


After a short time :grin: