Ursaring and Machamp same moves


So my 40lvl friend has praised Champs with good move sets but I still dont understand fully the combat system. I have both champ & ursaring with 2.5k CP with same moves. Is there any other difference than that Ursa takes extra dmg from others than champ?



Machamp has a higher attack stat which means With the same move set it will deal more damage.


STAB, access to DP


But Ursaring looks better.


Matter of opinion…in this case I would disagree :wink:


No, defo Machamp the winner of this looks contest


Haha :rofl: No :neutral_face:


But yeah, machamp benefits from STAB (Same Type Attack Boost (or is it bonus?:sweat_smile:)) and is better looking




But still it looks like Machoke went on a holiday to Chernobyl.


Look above to see the beauty




It’s ok :ok_hand:


Machamp is better (STAB,higher ATK) but it might take SE damage while Usaring won’t