[UPDATED] Wishful New Moves For Gen1 - 3 Pokémon Post Gen4 Release


DISCLAIMER: Check comments for charts. The following two charts are made up of moves that the corresponding pokémon can learn in the main series games and could learn in Pokémon Go.

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NOTE: All charge moves have a dual bar.

Top Tier Pokémon Move(s)
Sudowoodo Just Kidding LOL
Mewtwo Dream Eater
Tyranitar Foul Play
Groudon Precipice Blades
Zapdos Sky Drop w/ Fly
Zapdos Wild Charge
Ho-oh Gust w/ Sky Attack
Ho-oh Flame Charge w/ Sacred Fire
Kyogre Origin Pulse
Gyarados Surf
Low Tier Pokémon Move(s)
Gengar Lick
Heracross Reversal (fighting)
Heracross Pin Missile (bug)
Arcanine Flare Blitz or Burn Up
Alolan Golem Spark
Golem Smackdown w/ Rock Slide
Scizor Steel Wing
Venusaur Venoshock
Blaziken Flare Blitz
Blaziken Sky Uppercut (fighting)
Armaldo Smack Down
Armaldo Bug Bite w/ X-Scissor
Omastar Smack Down
Omastar Surf
Aerodactyl Wing Attack w/ Sky Attack
Aerodactyl Smack Down
Kabutops Smack Down w/ Rock Slide
Ursaring Scratch w/ Up Roar
Nidoking Venoshock w/ Sludge Bomb
Donphan Mudslap w/ Bulldoze


Wow I like this another job well done by @ImNotReallyANerd


Just my wish list for gen4 lol


Nice list! Hope most of these moves will make it. Only ones I see not making it on are the legendary specific moves


Why do you think that?


I just can’t see Legendary moves like origin pulse being released as a general move release. It’d be more like a CD exclusive kind of move (I feel like) also I can’t see them being released with gen 4, not until gen 1 and 2 legendary get their exclusive moves.


You make a valid point.


It’s still a really good list though! I would like to see all if not most important implented in the future


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