Unpopular Pokémon We Now Have That'll Be Hot In Gen 4


When you say special evolution stones are you referring to the sun stone?


@Jormdeworm I don’t have a problem with that :rofl:


But all this is a bit off topic, I guess.


Ummmm… Boy, I sure am excited to evolve my Tangela!


I think the only one I don’t have quite enough candy for is Ryperior. But I’m close.


I got many candy thanks to Kanto Event, but I also don’t think it’s enough😅


What I think each of those evolutions are ranked in my opinion
Yanmega - good attacker, OK in defense unless if it were to be hit by any rock move
Magmortar - better attacker than Yanmega, good defense
Electivire - better attacker than Magmortar (249 is pretty good), less defensive than magmortar, but useful against a non-ground type pokemon
Weavile - 243 attack is 6 less than electivire, but still pretty good. Has a lot of weaknesses though (4x fighting)
Magnezone - good attacker and defender (217 defense, 234 atk), 4x weak to ground though
Mamoswine - I heard that this one was BEAST in attacking, but not that great in defense (lots of weaknesses)
Rhyperior - very useful. 241 atk and 224 defense (more than magnezone) but 4x weak to water and grass though
Roserade - 243 atk (same as weavile and still pretty good) better defense, less weaknesses than Weavile
Honchkrow- 243 attack but HORRIBLE defense, I mean HORRIBLE. 107 is its defense.
Togekiss - This is a bulky attacker. 225 atk and 227 defense mean bulk. this is a great pokemon for bulk.
Mismagius - ok pokemon, 211 atk and def, only weak to dark and ghost types
Tangrowth- ok pokemon to use vs water, rock, ground types. attack is 207 and defense is 219. bulky.


yes i meant more like the special evolution items , like the fish scales , the sun stone , etc.


yes i meant items like the sun one the fish scale one … etc.


only the Sun Stone will have use lol




That’s what I thought, except all the items we have now arent gen 4 evolution items


For gen 4 sun stone has no use, not until gen 5 or 6, can’t remember which, does it have a purpose again.


Petilil and Cottonee from Gen 5, Helioptile from Gen 6
Either way, you wont use any of the other evolution items ever again


True. And thanks couldn’t remember what gen petilil and cottonee were


I just added it! I actually started to think if it would be worth the dust since it will be a great attacker/generalist.