Unpopular Pokémon We Now Have That'll Be Hot In Gen 4


And, of course, Glaceon and Leafeon


There’s only so much you can do with 3 charge moves
I assume something like Hyper Beam, Fire Blast and Ice Beam on Licky


I’m really excited for glaceon. I’m already working on my ice types with 2 eevees, sneasel, 2 maxed out jynxes, a 98% piloswine and a perfect swinub out of an egg.


Is that all it learns? I’d prefer play rough or dazzling gleam as charge moves and zen headbutt for its quick move. Since I’ll be using it defensively.


I dont know if it learns them, but he will probably only have 3 charge moves like the rest


No matter what happens, Electivire will be my main electric type. He’s glorious.


I have 2 high IVs ready to go and I’m going to go ape for luxray.


I have a perfect magmar at level 30 ready to go. The excitement level for gen4 is so up there.


@Luna_Kit most of the gen 4 evolutions are direct. In the games they had evolution items or needed to know certain moves (eg rollout or double hit) along with a level requirement. The only ones I can think of that are split are gallade and froslass both requiring certain genders (male and female respectively) and stones. And then there are the eevee evolutions. Hope that answered your question.


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Totally agree, it’s a true pain. Pokemon Go has become Pokemon Drive, to be able to actually get nuff stuff or have to drive for two hours to get to a larger area. At the same time people have four pokestops around their house are whining…


It isn’t unique because Landorus in Gen 5 has the same typing


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No, it isnt because his stats simply arent good enough to compete with the likes of Rhyperior, Groudon or Rayquaza


I think it’s a good thing. @Ryan21. Helps to know who you’re talking to exactly.


What about PorygonZ?


Just asked, because it’s a ‘double reply’ but never mind


Any Clue as to when these will come out ? & ive been saving the special evolution stones for these as well with a hunch that we will need them …


Special evolution stones?


Porygon-Z is really cool if you ask me