Unlimted encounter reward


my encounter pokemon stack is reusing the same few pokemon gastly, militank, squirtle and a few more with the same exact ivs and size i tried to see if i could get to the bottom of it but i dont think i can
anyone else have this glitch/ problem

also i got a shiny squirtle with sunglasses in a encounter for some reason :o


Restart the app, see what happens, if it continues, uninstall app and reinstall. If it CONTINUES, contact Niantic, thank u and good day/night. Mic drop


Probably because you ran the first time you encountered it.


nope my encounter is just glitched and doing a infinite loop


Why don’t you just spam the squirtle quest until you have the most shiny squirtle in the world


cause ill get banned for exploiting


You are sure you didn’t run from your encounter? :thinking:




To be honest this is one of the better bugs😛


well there is a possibility they ban me for exploiting it so i rather not risk
: <


Sounds a bit unrealistic, it’s Niantic’s fault the bug is in the game (if it even is a bug).


i mean a endless loop is a bug LOL
and i dont really trust niantic at all


Good idea…


ooh maybe this them compensating me for screwing me out of deoxys XD


My son complained to me after Squirtle Day that he didn’t get any sunglass Squirtles. I showed him next day that he stacked 3 of them by accident.


i have cleared my stack many times since that cd